"Falling over the rail would obviously suck since you’d die, but I wasn’t too concerned about that… I’d been wanting to skate this spot for a while so it was cool."

-Clint Walker, Thrasher Magazine


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Dirty bikes are loved bikes.

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teardown // late 2013 // panasonic dmc-zs15 (by Georg Nickolaus)

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old and older // early 2014 // panasonic dmc-zs15 (by Georg Nickolaus)

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Since 2008, Victor of Archive Bags has been a one-man operation, creating a variety of handmade and custom bags and accessories out of his home in San Francisco.

While there’s no shortage of bag makers in the Bay Area, Victor’s attention to detail is what makes his pieces so desirable. From sling bags to saddle bags, wallets to backpacks, and whatever else you are lacking, he can (or will heartily attempt) to make it. If anything, the competition helps him thrive. “I like that there’s a community of creative people here, they have an idea and they execute that vision. I also like the idea as a customer of working with someone and getting exactly what you want. I strive for that in my work and try to support others who do the same”

The name Archive is derived from its own definition, “We use our bags to store things we need for work or personal use, I like the dictionary definition of archive as ‘any extensive record or collection of data’ and how this applies to all the things we carry with us.”  To compliment this, his sewing always involves clean and sharp edges, triggering thoughts of order and organization when you see his bags on the street.

Trusting in some of the best technology ever created, Victor often takes inspiration from backpacking design in the 70s. Traditional form with maximum functionality is Archive’s end goal every time. His bags have travelled to all parts of the world, with a committed market in Japan (thanks to Blue Lug).

Archive is a subtle but strong force in San Francisco. With a humble smile and a balanced work-ethic, Victor’s years of cutting and sewing have made him an in-house name for some and with quality goods for all.  If you aren’t familiar with his work yet, check it out HERE.

Shot using a Mamiya 645, loaded with Portra 400 and 400NC.

I’ve been working on this little piece about Archive and Victor for some time.  Now it’s done and ready for your enjoyment!  One of the nicest dudes to work and chat with - let him make your next bag!

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“Fall in love with someone who’s comfortable with your silence. Find someone who doesn’t need your words to know it’s time to kiss you.”
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“If you remember me, then I don’t care if everyone else forgets.”
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